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Ljubljana, Jadranska 21/II (soba 228)

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Janja Mikuš, Jadranska 21/II (soba 204);


(01) 4766-685






Naslov knjige

MM 1


Microsoft windows multimedia programmer's reference

MM 2


Microsoft windows multimedia authoring and tools guide

MM 3


Microsoft Excel developer's kit : version 5 for Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh

MM 4


PostScript language reference manual

MM 5


Microsoft Excel : visual basic programmer's guide

MM 6


Microsoft Excel : visual basic reference

MM 7


Microsoft Word developer's kit

MM 8


OLE automation programmer's reference : creating programmable 32-bit applications

MM 9

Altman, Rick

Mastering Coreldraw 6

MM 10

Ames, Andrea L. & Nadeau, David R. & Moreland, John L.

The VRML sourcebook

MM 11

Anderson, Greg ... <et al.>

More tricks of the game-programming gurus

MM 12

Baczewski, Philip

Tricks of the Internet gurus

MM 13

Barker, Philip

Exploring hypermedia

MM 14

Batelman, Kenneth

Adobe illustrator paths and curves

MM 15

Belanger Grafton, Carol

Historic alphabets & initials : woodcut &ornamental

MM 16

Bernard, Ryan

The corporate intranet : create and manage an internal Web for your organization

MM 17

Binstock, Andrew Rex, John

Practical algorithms for programmers

MM 18

Bono, Peter R. ... <et al.>

PC graphic with GKS : introduction to graphic standards GKS, GKS-3D, PHIGS, CGI, and CGM and to graphic programming

MM 19

Braut, Christian

The musician's guide to MIDI

MM 20

Buhle, E. Loren ... <et al.>

Webmaster's professional reference

MM 21

Burger, Jeff

Multimedia for decision makers : a business primer

MM 22

Cheswick, William R. & Bellovin, Steven M.

Firewalls and internet security : repelling the Wily Hacker

MM 23

Cotton, Bob & Oliver, Richard

The cyberspace lexicon : an illustrated dictionary of terms from multimedia to virtual reality

MM 24

Daconta, Michael C.

Java for C/C++ programmers

MM 25

Davis, Ralph

Windows NT network programming : how to survive in a 32-bit networking world


MM 26

Dodge, Mark & Kinata, Chris & Stinson, Craig

Running Microsoft Excel for Windows 95

MM 27

Eunson, Baden

Communicating with customers

MM 28

Farace, Joe

The photographer's digital studio : transferring your photos into pixels

MM 29

Felici, James

The desktop style guide

MM 30

Flake, Janice L. & MacClintock, C. Edwin & Turner, Sandra

Fundamentals of computer education

MM 31

Fowler, Susan L. & Stanwick, Victor R.

The GUI style guide

MM 32

Freeman, Adam & Ince, Darrel

Active Java : object-oriented programming for the World Wide Web

MM 33

Gibbs, Simon J. & Tsichritzis, Dionysios C.

Multimedia programming : objects, environments and frameworks

MM 34

Goossens, Michel & Mittelbach, Frank & Samarin, Alexander

The LATEX companion

MM 35

Goudy, Frederic W.

The alphabet and elements of lettering

MM 36

Gould, Harvey & Tobochnik, Jan

An introduction to computer simulation methods : applications to physical systems

MM 37

Grad, Anton & <kerlj, Ru`ena & Vitorovi~, Nada

Veliki angle{ko-slovenski slovar = English-Slovene dictionary

MM 38

Grad, Anton & Leeming, Henry

Slovensko-angle{ki slovar = Slovene-English dictionary

MM 39

Graham, Ian S.

The HTML sourcebook : <a complete guide to HTML>

MM 40

Gray, John Walker

Mastering mathematica : programming methods and applications

MM 41

Greenberg, Adele Droblas & Greenberg, Seth

Digital images : a practicalguide

MM 42

Gurewich, Nathan & Gurewich, Ori

Visual Basic 4

MM 43

Hankinson, Bob & Hermida, Alfonso

Hidden images : making random dot stereograms

MM 44

Henderson, Lofton R. & Mumford, Anne M.

The CGM handbook : <computer, graphic, metafile>

MM 45

Hornstein, Jonathan

Scanning : your personal consultant

MM 46

Hudspeth, Lee & Lee, Timothy-James

The underground guide to Excel 5.0 for Windows : slightly askew advice from two Excel wizards

MM 47

Hunt, R. W. G. & Wright, W. D.

The reproduction of colour

MM 48

Huss, David

Corel photo-paint unleashed

MM 49

Jackson, Richard & MacDonald, Lindsay & Freeman, Ken

Computer generated colour : a practical guide to presentation and display

MM 50

Kano, Nadine

Developing international software for Windows 95 and Windows NT : <a handbook for international software design>


MM 51

Khanna, Tarun

Foundations of neural networks

MM 52

Knuth, Donald E. & Levy, Silvio

The CWEB system of structured documentation : Version 3.0

MM 53

Kopka, Helmut & Daly, Patrick W.

A Guide to LATEX : a document preparation for beginners and advanced users

MM 54

Lamport, Leslie & Duane, Bibby

LATEX : a document preparation system : user's guide and reference manual

MM 55

Lemay, Laura & Perkins, Charles L.

Teach yourself JAVA in 21 days

MM 56

Leonhard, Woody & Chen, Vincent & Krueger, Scott

Hacker's guide to word for windows

MM 57

Lindley, Craig A.

Photographic imaging techniques in C++ for Windows and Windows NT

MM 58

MacBride, Andrew & Susser, Joshua

Byte guide to openDoc

MM 59

Madell, Tom & Parsons, Clark & Abegg, John

Developing and localizing international software

MM 60

Matcho, Jon & Faulkner ... <et al.>

Using Delphi

MM 61

Matthews, Martin S. & Matthews, Carole Boggs

The official guide to CorelDRAW! for Windows 95

MM 62

Murray, William H. & Pappas, Chris H.

Cross-platform programming for Windows

MM 63

Pacheco, Xavier & Teixeira, Steve

Delphi : developer's guide

MM 64

Panek, Jaroslav & Lipovec, Albinca & Medve{, Zdenko & Horvat, Ludvik

Jan Amos Komenski : ~e{ki humanist na poti k bolj{anju re~i ~love{kih

MM 65

Perfect, Christopher & Austen, Jeremy

The complete typographer : a manual for designing with type

MM 66

Pitas, Ioannis

Digital image processing algorithms

MM 67

Repov{, Jernej & Jan~i~, Zlatko

Kako nastaja in deluje u~inkovita, tr`no usmerjena celostna grafi~na podoba kot del simbolnega identitetnega sistema organizacij

MM 68

Robertson, Samantha J. W. & Bratina, Simon

Excel 5 for Windows : korak za korakom

MM 69

Rosen, David & Mladen, Caryn

Making money with multimedia

MM 70

Selinger, Michelle

Teaching mathematics

MM 71

Shammas, Namir Clement & Wozniewicz, Andrew

Teach yourself borland Delphi in 21 days

MM 72

Smith, Cameron & Blachman, Nancy

The Mathematica graphics guidebook

MM 73

Smith, Ross

Learning PostScript : a visual approach

MM 74

Solo, Julie

Decorative and display numbers : 739 complete fonts : from the solotype typographers archive

MM 75

Stiebner, Erhardt D. & Huber, Helmut & Lengefeld, Lenore

Alphabete = Alphabets : ein Schriftatlas von A bis Z : a type specimen atlas from A to Z

MM 76

Stiebner, Erhardt D. ... <et al>

Ein Schriftmusterbuch : Schriften +Zeichen : Types + Symbols : a Type Specimen Book


MM 77

Stone, M. David & Leonhard, Woody

The underground guide to color printers : slightly askew advice on getting the best from any color printer

MM 78

Swan, Tom

Mastering Borland C++ 4.5

MM 79

Tubaro, Antonio & Tubaro, Ivana

Lettering : studies and research on the evolution of writing and printing

MM 80

Verbinc, France

Slovar tujk

MM 81

Vince, John

The language of computer graphics : a dictionary of terms and concepts

MM 82

Watkins, Christopher D. & Sadun, Alberto & Marenka, Stephen

Modern image processing : warping, morphing, and classical techniques

MM 83

Wernecke, Josie

The Inventor mentor : programming object-oriented 3D graphic with open inventor, release 2

MM 84

Wilson, Stephen

World Wide Web design guide

MM 85

Arnold, Ken & Gosling, James


The Java Programming Language

MM 86

Gosling, James & Yellin, Frank & The Java Team

The Java Application Programming Interface, Volume1

MM 87

Gosling, James & Yellin, Frank & The Java Team

The Java Application Programming Interface, Volume1

MM 88

Howlett, Virginia

Visual interface design for Windows

MM 89

Boutell, Thomas

CGI Programming in C & Perl

MM 90

Reynolds, Mark & Wooldridge, Andrew

Special Edition Using JAVA Script

MM 91

Danesh, Arman

Teach yourself JAVA Script in a week

MM 92

Newman, Alexander


Special Edition Using JAVA Script
/The most Complete Reference/

MM 93

Fraizer, Colin & Bond, Jill

JAVA API Reference

MM 94

Simone, Luisa

The Windows 95 Scanning Book

MM 95

/Microsoft Corporation/

THE GUI GUIDE /International Terminology for the Windows Interface/

MM 96

Brown R. Judith & Earnshaw, Rae & Jern, Mikael & Vince John


Vizualization /Using Computer Graphics to Explore Data and Present Information/

MM 97

Feather, Stephen

JAVA Script by Example
/The EASIEST way to learn Web programming!/

MM 98

Williams, Bard


MM 99

Williams, Bard

The World Wide for TEACHERS


MM 100

Toliver, Pamela R. & Kellog, Carol Y.


MM 101

Norton, Peter & Mueller, John Paul


MM 102

Hettihewa, Sanjaya

WINDOWS NT 4 Web Development

MM 103

Moris, Bruce

HTML in Action

MM 104


WINDOWS NT Workstation-version 4.0

MM 105

Travis B.;

Waldt D.

The SGML Implementation Guide

MM 106

Fisher Yuval

Spinning The WEB

MM 107

Bailey, C. Trevor;

Gatrell, C Anthony


MM 108

Prusinkiewicz P.; Lindenmayer A.

The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants

MM 109

Plummer, Sue

10 minute Guide to Windows NT Workstation 4.0

MM 110

Garms, Jason

Windows NT 4 Server Unleashed

MM 111

Bott, Ed

Using Windows NT Workstation 4.0 /The fast and Easy Way to Learn/

MM 112

Wolfram, Stephen

The Mathematica book /Mathematica Version 3/

MM 113

Thompson, Robert Bruce

Windows NT Workstation 4.0 Internet & networking handbook

MM 114

Maeder, Roman E.

The Mathematica Programmer II

MM 115


PANTONE color selector /designer's guide coated/

MM 116

Cotton, Bob & Oliver, Richard

Understanding hypermedia from multimedia to virtual reality

MM 117

Ganter, Bernhard & Wille, Rudolf

Formale Begriffsanalyse Mathematische Grundlagen

MM 118

Seifert, Josef W.

/Prevedla Rosanda Volk/

Vizualizacija, prezentacija, moderacija

MM 119

/Uredila: Kmeti~, Silva/

Prispevki k pou~evanju matematike

MM 120

/Pripravljeno za UNESCO/

U~enje: skriti zaklad; /poro~ilo Mednarodne komisije o izobra`evanju za enaindvajseto stoletje, pripravljeno za UNESCO/

MM 121

James D. Murray & William vanRyper

Encyclopedia of graphic file formats

MM 122

Larry Wall & Tom Christiansen & Randal L. Schwartz

Programming Perl

MM 123

Kamran Husain & Robert F. Breedlove



MM 124

Zane L. Berge & Mauri P. Collins

COMPUTER mediated communication and the Online Classroom /Volume I: Overview and perspectives/

MM 125

Zane L. Berge & Mauri P. Collins

COMPUTER mediated communication and the Online Classroom /Volume II: Higher education/

MM 126

Zane L. Berge & Mauri P. Collins

COMPUTER mediated communication and the Online Classroom /Volume III: Distance learning/

MM 127

Michael Morrison

Teach yourself Internet Game Programming with Java in 21 days

MM 128

Vicki Sharp

Computer Education for Teachers

MM 129

Kim, Eugene Eric

CGI Developer’s Guide

MM 130

Parker, James R.

Algorithms for Image Processing and Computer Vision

MM 131

Boyer, Carl B. & Merzbach, Uta C.

A History of Mathematics /Second edition/

MM 132

Hein, James L.

Discrete Mathematics

MM 133

Bandemer, Hans & Gottwald Siegfried

Fuzzy Sets, Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy Methods with applications

MM 134

Agresti, Alan

An Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis

MM 135

Stinson, Douglas R.

CRYPTOGRAPHY Theory and Practice

MM 136

Williams, David Brian & Webster, Peter Richard


MM 137

Heck, Johann G.


MM 138

Lance Strate ...

COMMUNICATION and cyberspace /social Interaction in an Electronic Environment/

MM 139

Duck, Michael

DATA communications for engineers

MM 140

Wehling Jason & Bharat Vidya and others


MM 141

McGraw Gary & Felten Edward

JAVA SECURITY /Hostile Applets, Holes, and Antidotes/

MM 142

Coe Marlana

HUMAN FACTORS for Technical Communicators

MM 143

Brown Christopher L. T. & Zimmerman Scott

Web site construction kit for Windows NT

MM 144

Oakman Robert L.


MM 145

Griffith Steven W & Chan Mark C. & Iasi Anthony F.

1001 JAVA Programmer's Tips

MM 146

Brady Philip


MM 147

Ernst Bruno

Optical Illusions

MM 148

Deaton Mary & Zubak Lockett Cheryl


MM 149

Schriver Karen A.

Dynamics in document design

MM 150

Cunningham Steve & Rosebush Judson

Electronic publishing on CD-ROM


MM 151

Brockman John

DIGERATI : encounters with the cyber elite

MM 152

Kentie Peter

Web Graphics Tools and Techniques

MM 153

Fosner Ron

Open GL Programming for Windows 95 and Windows NT

MM 154

Woo Mason & Neider Jackie & Davis Tom

Open GL Programming Guide

MM 155

Sitar Sandi & ^ad Gorazd


MM 156

Knowles Arthur

Microsoft Internet Information Server 2 UNLEASHED

MM 157

Calvert Charles


MM 158

Pacheco Xavier & Teixeira Steve

Delphi 2 DEVELOPER'S GUIDE 2nd ed.

MM 159

Girdley Michael ...

Web Programming with JAVA

MM 160

Laffra Chris

Advanced JAVA /idioms pitfalls styles and programming tips/

MM 161

Hughes Merlin ...

JAVA network programming

MM 162

Aarts Emile & Lenstra Jan Karel

LOCAL search in combinatorial optimization

MM 163

Haun Gregory Cosmo

Photoshop Collage techniques /visual guide to creating collages and montages with Photoshop 4/

MM 164

Taylor Art

JDBC Developer's Resource /Database Programmingon the Internet/

MM 165

Morgan Michael

Netscape Plug-Ins Developer's Kit

MM 166

Lemay Laura

Teach yourself JAVA 1.1 in 21 days 2nd ed.

MM 167

Haggarty Linda

New Ideas for Teacher Education

MM 168

Porter R. Lynnette

Creating the Virtual Classroom /distance learning with the Internet/

MM 169

West Steve & Norris Mark

Media Engineering /A Guide to Developing Information Products/

MM 170

De Carlo Nicola Alberto /prevedel: Bajt Miro/

Psiholo{ke igre

MM 171

Black Paul & Atkin J. Myron

Changing the subject /Innovations in Science Mathematics and Technology Education/


MM 172

Papert Seymour

The Connected Family /bridging the digital generation gap/

MM 173

Lea Rodger & Matsuda Kouichi & Miyashita Ken

JAVA for 3D and WRML Worlds

MM 174

Kaplan M. Randy

Intelligent Multimedia Systems /A Handbook for Creating Applications/

MM 175

Cadenhead Rogers

Teach yourself JAVA 1.1 Programming in 24 hours

MM 176

Fleet Dina & Warren Matt & etc.

Teach yourself Active Web Database Programming in 21 days

MM 177

Osier Dan & Grobman Steve & Batson Steve

Teach yourself DELPHI 3 in 14 days

MM 178

Cantu Marco

Mastering Delphi 3 /2nd ed./

MM 179

Konopka Ray

Developing Custom DELPHI 3 Components

MM 180

Sridharan Prashant

Advanced JAVA Networking

MM 181

Parker C. Roger

Grafi~no oblikovanje

MM 182

DuCharme Bob


MM 183

London Sherry

Adobe Photoshop 4 Interactive Course

MM 184

Berry J. A. Michael & Linoff Gordon

Data mining techniques
/for marketing, sales, and customer support/

MM 185

Henderson Ken

Client/server Developer's Guide Delphi 3

MM 186

Borland Russell

Introducing Windows 98

MM 187

Kostrevc Ljubomir

Ra~unalni{tvo in informatika

MM 188

Michie Donald & D. J. Spiegelhalter & C. C. Taylor

Machine Learning, Neural and Statistical Classification

MM 189

Impagliazzo John & Nagin Paul

COMPUTER SCIENCE A Breadth-First Approach with C

MM 190

Wilson Robin J. & Watkins John J.

GRAPHS An Introductory Approach

MM 191

Prusinkiewicz Przemyslaw & Hanan James

Lindenmayer systems, fractals, and plants

MM 192

Mohori~ Toma`

Na~rtovanje relacijskih podatkovnih baz

MM 193

Nielson Hanne Riis & Flemming Nielson

Semantics with Applications /A formal Introduction/

MM 194

Gammerman A.

Computational Learning and Probabilistic Reasoning

MM 195

Hall Brandon

Web-Based Training

MM 196

Kent Gordon

Internet Publishing with Acrobat

MM 197

Murphy Bill

PRESENTATIONS for professional communicators

MM 198

Carter Bob

Working with Computer Type (color & type)

MM 199

Harvey Brian

Computer Science Logo Style Vol.1 /2nd ed/


MM 200

Harvey Brian

Computer Science Logo Style Vol.2 /2nd ed/

MM 201

Harvey Brian

Computer Science Logo Style Vol.3 /2nd ed/

MM 202

Srinivasan Sriram

Advanced Perl programming

MM 203

Hand J. David

Construction and Assessment of Dlassification Rules

MM 204

Loeckx Jacques, Ehrich Hans-Dieter & Wolf Markus

Specification of Abstract Data Types

MM 205

Stein Michael, Eric Bowman & Gregory Pierce

Direct 3D Professional Reference

MM 206

Williams David Brian & Webster Peter Richard


MM 207

Meggitt Ashley J. & Ritchey Timothy D.

Windows NT User Administration

MM 208

Schwartz Randal L., Olson Erik & Christiansen Tom

Learning Perl on Win32 systems

MM 209


Getting to Know ArcView GIS the geografic information system (GIS) to everyove

MM 210

Peek Jerry, O’Reilly Tim & Loukides Mike

Unix Power Tools

MM 211

Cantu Marco, Gooch Tim & Lam John F.

Delphi Developer's Handbook

MM 212

Sandra E. Eddy

HTML in plain english /2nd ed./

MM 213

George F. Luger

Computation and Intelligence / Collected Readings

MM 214

Donnie O'Quinn, Matt LeClair

PHOTOSHOP IN A NUTSHELL /A Desktop Quick Reference

MM 215

Srinivasan Sriram

Advanced Perl programming /2. Izvod knjige/

MM 216

Eric Foster-Johnson

Graphical applications with Tcl & Tk

MM 217

Richard Light

Presenting XML

MM 218

Dave Taylor

Teach youself UNIX in 24 hours

MM 219

Robert Groth

DATA MINING a hands-on approach for business professionals

MM 220

Sam Anahory & Dennis Murray


MM 221

Bridget Somekh & Niki Davis

Using Information Technology effectively in Teaching and Learning

MM 222

Andy Rathbone

Ve~predstavnost in CD-ROM za telebane

MM 223

Joseph P. Bigus & Jennifer Bigus

Constructing Intelligent Agents with Java

MM 224

Jim Farley

Java distributed computing

MM 225

Pamela Liebeck prevod: Bo`ica Jakovlev

Kako djeca u~e matematiku /metodi~ki priru~nik za u~itelje razredne nastave, nastavnike i profesore matematike/

MM 226

Miro Gradi{ar & Gortan Resinovi~

Informatika / Moderna organizacija

MM 227

Daniel J. Berg & J. Steven Fritzinger

Advanced Techniques for Java Developers


MM 228

Ken Getz & Mike Gilbert

VBA Developer's Handbook

MM 229


Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 / Programmer's Guide.

MM 230

Paul Doherty & Don Rathjen

The CHESHIRE CAT and other eye-popping experiments on how we see the world

MM 231

Thomas P. Ryan

Modern Regression Methods

MM 232

Paul Helinski

Website Automation Toolkit

MM 233

Colin McComarc & David Jones

Web-based education system

MM 234

Randal L. Schwartz & Tom Christiansen

Learning Perl /UNIX programming/

MM 235

Margaret A. Ellis & Bjarne Stroustrup

The annotated C++ reference manual

MM 236

Danny Thorpe

Delphi component design

MM 237

Ruby L. Kennedy & …

SOLVING DATA MINING PROBLEMS through pattern recognition

MM 238

Rick Darnell

HTML 4 Professional Reference Edition UNLEASHED

MM 239

Will Schroeder, Ken Martin, Bill Lorensen

Visualization Toolkit

MM 240

Natanya Pitts-Moultis, C. C. Sanders & Ramesh Chandak

DYNAMIC HTML black book

MM 241

Ale{ [uler

Adobe Photoshop 4

MM 242

Leen Ammeraal

Computer Graphics for JAVA Programmers

MM 243

Martin McCarthy, & Alligator Descartes

Reality Architecture Building 3D worlds with Java and VRML

MM 244

Ale{ [uler

CorelDRAW! 8.0

MM 245

Jeffrey E. F. Friedl

Mastering Regular Expressions

MM 246

David M. Arnow & Gerald Weiss

Introduction to Programming Using Java an object-oriented approach

MM 247

Jody Leber

Windows NT Backup & Restore

MM 248

Ina V.S.Mullis, Michael O. Martin, Albert E. Beaton, etc.

/TIMSS/ Mathematics Achievement in the Primary School Years /IEA's Third International Mathematics and Science Study/

priloga 248


TIMSS MATHEMATICS ITEMS Released Set for Population 1 (Third and Fourth Grades)

MM 249

Michael O. Martin, Ina V.S.Mullis, Albert E. Beaton, etc.

/TIMSS/ Science Achievement in the Primary School Years /IEA's Third International Mathematics and Science Study/

priloga 249


TIMSS SCIENCE ITEMS Released Set for Population 1 (Third and Fourth Grades)

MM 250

Albert E. Beaton, Ina V.S.Mullis, Michael O. Martin, etc.

/TIMSS/ Mathematics Achievement in the Middle School Years /IEA's Third International Mathematics and Science Study/

priloga 250


TIMSS MATHEMATICS ITEMS Released Set for Population 2 (Seventh and Eight Grades)

MM 251

Albert E. Beaton, Michael O. Martin, Ina V.S.Mullis, etc.

/TIMSS/ Science Achievement in the Middle School Years /IEA's Third International Mathematics and Science Study/

priloga 251


TIMSS SCIENCE ITEMS Released Set for Population 2 (Seventh and Eight Grades)

MM 252

Marzellen Harmon, Teresa A. Smith. Michael O. Martin, etc

/TIMSS/ Performance Assessment in IEA's Third

International Mathematics and Science Study

MM 253

Ina V.S.Mullis, Michael O. Martin, Albert E. Beaton, etc.

/TIMSS/ Mathematics and Science Achievenent in the Final Year of Secondary School /IEA's Third International Mathematics and Science Study/

priloga 253


TIMSS RELEASED ITEM SET FOR THE FINAL YEAR OF SECONDARY SCHOOL: Mathematics and Science Literacy, Advanced Mathematics, Phisics


MM 254

Keith Rule

3D graphics file formats /A Programmer's reference/

MM 255

Rob Glidden

Graphics Programming with Direct3D /Techniques And Concepts/

MM 256

Mark Harrison & Michael McLennan

Effective Tcl/Tk programming /Writing better programs with Tcl and Tk/

MM 257

Shan-Hwei Nienhuys-Cheng & Ronald de Wolf

Foundations of Inductive Logic Programming

MM 258

John Zukowski

Mastering JAVA 1.2

MM 259

David Angell & Brent Heslop

The Elements of E-mail style /communicate effictively via electronic mail/

MM 260


Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0 Programmer's Guide

MM 261

Hermann Maurer

Hyper-G now Hyperwave

MM 262

Ian Ashdown

Radiosity A Programmer's Perspective

MM 263

Wim J. Teunissen & Jan van den Bos

3D interactive computer graphics the hierarchical modelling system HIRASP

MM 264

Phil Winsor

Computer Composer's Toolbox

MM 265

Jeff Bowen


MM 266

Wade Ellis, Ed Lodi, Steve Blasberg

Explorations TI-92 Learning programming with the TI-92: structures and techniques

MM 267

Chris Brueningsen, etc.

Explorations TI-92 Discovering Math on the TI-92

MM 268

Charles Lund, Edwin & Andersen

Introduction to the TI-92: 37 experiments in precalculus and calculus

MM 269

Nelson Rich, Judith Rose & Lawrence Gilligan

Mastering the TI-92: explorations from algebra through calculus

MM 270

Laura Lemay & Rogers Cadenhead

Teach yourself Java 1.2 in 21 days

MM 271

Mary Campione & Kathy Walrath

The JAVA Tutorial Second Edition

MM 272

Michell Waite & Robert Lafore


MM 273

Cristopher Westphal & Teresa Blaxton

Data Mining Solution Methods and Tools for Solving Real-World Problems

MM 274

Mark Watson

Programming in SCHEME

MM 275

Tim Kientze

A Programmer's GUIDE TO SOUND

MM 276

Andre Jute

Colour for professional communicators

MM 277

Anne Wichmann, Steven Fligelstone, Tony McEnery & Gerry Knowles


MM 278

Robert M. Colomb

Deductive databases and their applications

MM 279

John M. Lawler & Helen Aristar Dry

Using Computers in Linguistics A Practical Guide


MM 280

Lawrence H. Rodrigues

The Awesome Power of JAVA BEANS

MM 281

/Microsoft Corporation/

Microsoft WINDOWS CE Programmer's Guide

MM 282

Nils J. Nilsson


MM 283

Dennis Howitt & Duncan Cramer

A guide to COMPUTING STATISTICS with SPSS for Windows

MM 284

Andrew Hinde

Demographic methods

MM 285

Paul Messick

Maximum MIDI Music Applications in C++

MM 286

Peter Wildbur & Michael Burke

Information Graphics Innovative Solutions in Contemporary Design

MM 287

David Megginson


MM 288

Neil Bradley

The XML companion

MM 289

Michael Leventhal, David Lewis & Matthew Fuchs


MM 290

William G. Jacoby

Statistical graphics for visualizing multivariate data

MM 291

Martha Davis

Scientific papers and presentations

MM 292

Martin Gruber

Understanding SQL

MM 293

Alistair Blair

Guide to Charting

MM 294

Tracy Henninger-Chiang, & Judee Reel

Proffesional Presentations /How to Succeed in International Business/

MM 295

Preston Gralla

How the internet works

MM 296

Sheree Bykofsky & Jennifer Basye Sander

Getting Published

MM 297

Reuben Hersh

What is MATHEMATICS, Really?

MM 298

prevod od: Faithe Wempen

10 minut za PowerPoint 97

MM 299

Nikolaj Pe~enko

Moj prvi PC



MM 300

Allison Druin & Cynthia Solomon

Designing Multimedia Environments for children

MM 301

Al Williams

Stel this Code!

MM 302


LOGO /Seminar LOGO 21.-23. 1. 1999 – gradivo za osebno rabo/

MM 303

Phil Shatz

MODERING THE DREAM CD walkthroughs and flybys II

MM 304

Scott Fisher

CREATRING INTERACTIVE CD-ROM for Windows and Macintosh

MM 305

Anthony Helmstetter & Ron Simpson

Web developer’s guide to sound & music

MM 306

Nels Johnson

Web developer’s guide to multimedia & video

MM 307

Patrick J. Burns


MM 308

Frederick B. Cohen

A short course on Computer Viruses

MM 309

Nancy Stern & Robert A. Stern

COMPUTING in the ingormation age

MM 310

Richard Koman

GIF Animation Studio Animating Your Web site

MM 311


Information Literacy Standards for Student Learning

MM 312

Alison Wray,Kate Trott & Aileen Bloomer

Projects in LINGUISTIC

MM 313

Irene Heim & Angelika Kratzer

Semantics in Generative Grammer

MM 314

Andrej Kova~I~ & Mirko Vintar

Na~rtovanje in gradnja INFORMACIJSKIH SISTEMOV

MM 315

William Harrel & Winston Steward


MM 316

Michael Schilli

Pearl Power

MM 317

Miha Trampu`, Branko Oman & Andrej Zupan~I~

Zakon o avtorski in sorodnih pravicah s komentarjem

MM 318

Siegmund Brandt

Data Analysis

MM 319


Microsoft Windows2000 Beta – Training Kit

MM 320

Michael Halvorson & Michael Young

Running Microsoft Office2000 Premium

MM 321

James G. James, Neil F. Cooper, Paula Chamoun & Tood M. Feinman

Microsoft NT 4.0 Security, Audit, and Control

MM 322


ALMA vodnik za u~itelje na razredni stopnji – matematika

MM 323

Barbara Fir, Alenka Bertoncelj, Goran Ili~ & [tefan O{laj

Edison pri fiziki didakti~ni priro~nik za u~itelje in delovni listi za u~ence

MM 324


Z LOGOM v svet računalni{kega programiranja

MM 325

Jim McGregor, Richard McGregor & Alan Watt

Simple C

MM 326

Greg Holden & Matthew Keller

Apache Server for Windows

MM 327

Donald E. Knuth

Digital Typography

MM 328

Shalini Govil-Pai & Rajesh Pai

Learning Computer Graphics

MM 329

J. von zur Gather and Jürgen Gerhard

Modern Computer Algebra

MM 330

Stephen Wolfram



MM 331

Sergios Theodoridis & Konstantinos Koutroumbas

Pattern Recognition

MM 332

David D. Busch

ASTONISHING Web Graphics WITH kai's Power Tools AND Plug-ins

MM 333

Julie Adair King

Digital Photography for DUMMIES

MM 334

Robert Bringhurst

The Elements of Typographic Style

MM 335

David Cristal


MM 336

Sheridan J. Coakes & Lyndall G. Steed

SPSS Analysis without Anguish

MM 337

Franci Ambrožič & Bojan Leskošek

Uvod v SPSS (Verzija 8.0 za Windows 95/NT)

MM 338

John W. Gray

Mastering Mathematica /Second ed./

MM 339

Simon Singh


MM 340

Jean-Paul Doignon & Jean-Claude Falmagne

Knowledge Spaces

MM 341

Alberto del Bimbo

Visual Information Retrieval

MM 342

Geoffrey Hinton & Terrence J. Sejnowski

Unsupervised Learning

MM 343

Riszard S Michalski, Ivan Bratko & Miroslav Kubat

Machine Learning and Data Mining

MM 344

Ferdi Serim & Melissa Koch

NetLearning Why Teachers Use the Intenet

MM 345

David M. Beazley

Python Essential Reference

MM 346

Mark Lutz & David Ascher

Learning Python

MM 347

Tom Christiansen & Nathan Torkington

Pearl Coobook

MM 348

Simon St. Laurent & Ethan Cerami

Building XML Applications

MM 349

Simon St. Laurent & Robert Biggar

Inside XML DTD's

MM 350

Michel Goossens & Sebastian Rahtz

The LaTeX Web Companion

MM 351


PostScript Language Reference

MM 352

Ted Alspach


MM 353

John Odam

START with a Digital CAMERA

MM 354

Michael Kofler


MM 355

Paul G. Sery & Eric Harper

Red Hat Linux 6 in Small Business

MM 356

Brian W. Kernigham & Rob Pike

The Praktice of Programming

MM 357

Michael T Goodrich & Roberto Tomassia

Data Structures and Algorithms in JAVA


MM 358

Michael J.A.Berry &

Mastering Data Mining

MM 359

Ken Milburn & John Croteau

FLASH 4 Web Animation

MM 360

Henry Dreyfuss

Symbol Source Book

MM 361

Edward Willet, David Crowder & Rhonda Crowder

Microsoft Office 2000

MM 362

John Walkenbach

Microsoft Excel 2000 Bible

MM 363

Chris Ott

Global Solutions for Multilingual Applications

MM 364

Aleš Šuler

Spoznajmo Excel 2000

MM 365

Kare Thomsen

Naučimo se Access

MM 366

Peter Hribar

Spoznajmo DELPHI /Od prvih ukazov do hekerskih zvijač/

MM 367

G.di Battista, P. Eades, R. Tomassia I.G. Tollis

Graph Drawing /Algorithms for the Visualization of Graphs/

MM 368

I.J.Cox, P. Hansen & B. Julesz

Partitioning Data Sets (Volume 19)

MM 369

Sinan Si Albir

UML in a Nutshell

MM 370

Deke McClelland & Katrin Eismann

Digital Photography

MM 371

Ivan Van Laningham

Teach Yourself Python in 24 Hours

MM 372

William Horton

Designing Web-Based Training

MM 373

Nigel Chapman & Jenny Chapman

DiGital Multimedia

MM 374

Linden DeCarmo

Core JAVA Media Framework

MM 375

Jerry Bradenbaugh

Java Script Applicatiopn Cookbook

MM 376

H.M.Dietel & P.J.Dietel

JAVA how to program

MM 377

Roman E. Maeder

Computer Science with Mathematica

MM 378

Mason Woo, Jackie Neider, Tom Davis & Dave Shreiner

OpenGL Programming Guide

MM 379

Dick Grune, Henri E. Bal, Cerier J.H.Jacobs & Koen G. Langendoen

Modern Compiler Design

MM 380

Brett McLaughlin


MM 381

Vivi Lachs

Making Multimedia in the Classroom /A Teacher’s Guide/

MM 382

M. Asghar Bhatti

Practical Optimization Methods /With Mathematica Application/

MM 383

The Unicode Consortium

The Unicode Standard Version 3.0

MM 384

Phyllis Davis

The GIMP for Linux & Unix

MM 385

Jiawei Han & Micheline Kamber

Data Mining /Concepts and Techniques/

MM 386

Martin Evening

Adobe Photoshop 5.5 for photographers

MM 387

Kenneth H. Rosen

Handbook of



NOVO 2001

MM 388

Michael J. Young

Step by Step XML 

MM 389

Jeffrey R. Shapiro & Jim Boyle

Windows 2000 Server --  Za potrebe RC

MM 390

Srdjan Cvetkovi~, Ale{ Ko{ir, Roman Maurer, Primo` Peterlin & Marko Samastur

LINUX z namizjem KDE   --  Za potrebe RC

MM 391

John Warren Duprey

Turbo LINUX Bible --   Za potrebe RC

MM 392

Jon Orwant, Jarkko Hietaniemi & John Macdonald

Algorithms with Perl

MM 393

S. C. Block


MM 394

Peter Hribar

Spoznajmo DELPHI 5.0

MM 395

Tim Converse & Joyce Park

PHP 4 Bible

MM 396

Jonathan B. Knudsen

The Unofficial Guide to LEGO MINDSTORMS Robors

MM 397

Mark Lutz

Programming Python

MM 398

Ljubica Marjanović-Umek

Otrok v vrtcu

MM 399

Ivan Gerlič

Sodobna informacijska tehnologija v izobra`evanju


NOVO 2002

MM 400

Jean-Luc Chabert

A History of Algorithms

MM 401

Brian Bagnall

Core LEGO Mindstorms Programming

MM 402

Sue Walmsley & Shirley Williams

Discover PASCAL in Delphi

MM 403

George Reese, Randy Jay Yarger & Tim King


MM 404

Jean Piaget

The Psyhology of Intelligence

MM 405

Jean Piaget

The Language and Thought of the Child




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