Quiz about Networks, Communication and Internet

Inside the computer, information is transferred around among components by a physical electrical called a .

To connect LANs physically is not used .

Which of the following elements are associated with the transmission of data over modems?

+ fax possibilities

+ site licenses

+ bits per seconds

Which of the following is not an Internet service?

* Tymnet


* Gopher

Select true or false

The origin of the Internet can be traced to Cold War policy for using the telephone systems to transmit computer data and messages between research sites-military, university, and commercial-to share technical information.

One main difference between computers and telephone systems is that the later transmit data in parallel fashion, whereas the usual method of data transmission in computers is serial.


The field of data communications links the computer and the system.

Normally, a computer data file sent out over telephone line must be converted from digital data to signals before transmission.


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